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You are now entering a no stress zone. At Apeiron Therapeutic Massage, from the minute you walk through our front door you will feel your tension level drop and a calming feeling take over. You enter our clinic, taking in the therapeutic and aromatic scents that will immediately engulf your senses. Then our massage therapist will escort 
 you into the massage room, you will close yourself off from life's stresses. Let us pamper you and take care of you.
At Apeiron Therapeutic Massage we want to help you achieve good health and overall wellness by providing relaxing and therapeutic massage which helps reduce the adverse effects of stress.

Due to modern ways of living, poor ergonomics, poor posture, lack of exercise, improper ways or lack of stretching, poor use of body mechanics, sedentary life, highly demanding jobs. These situations of everyday living affect our bodies making them go thru changes that affect both our muscular systems and skeletal systems balance and symmetry. We apply modern advanced, effective techniques that help improve posture, symmetry, relieve, reduce the causes of pain and discomfort, making us a leader among massage clinics in El Paso TX.

We have a variety of massages to choose from. You can select a specific type of massage if you know what you want or one of our massage therapists can recommend a massage that would be good for whatever ails you at that time. They can also do a combination of massage methods to make your experience a unique one.

Regular massage keeps your body's stress levels down, improves the function of your circulatory and lymphatic systems, and helps reduce pain associated with headaches, backaches, fibromyalgia, and other common pain complaints.

Apeiron Therapeutic Massage in El Paso brings it all together in an environment that is nurturing, with highly trained professionals that care about you, and price points that make it possible for everyone to benefit from these wonderful therapies on a regular basis.

Contact Apeiron Therapeutic Massage to schedule an appointment for your massage in El Paso. Our therapists would be more than happy to answer any of your questions concerning our massages techniques.

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Phone: 915-875-4999

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